Living life to the fullest is easier than you might think. My name is Susan and I’d like to share with you some fun adventures I’ve taken in order to provide you with ideas of fun things you too can do, places you can go and incredible experiences you can have. Some are at no cost, others at a minimal cost all the way up to pure extravagance. My love for travel has taken me to many beautiful places both near and far. I’ll share with you my secrets in how to find amazing things to do wherever you go.

Life experiences are what float my boat. I know I’m a bit quirky and venture to do things that others may only dream of. The difference is in the doing. Once I had the crazy idea that I wanted to be a goddess on the Parthenon in Athens, Greece while on vacation. Well, I went and bought a white flowy dress and lived out my dream. I almost backed out but I figured, who cares, I don’t know anyone here so I just went for it and am so glad that I did. The pictures are worth a few good laughs.

I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities ranging from kayaking in local lakes, hiking, winery visits, playing fetch with my granddoggy on Hawaiian beaches while watching the sunrise, a peaceful balloon ride with my daughters overlooking the green landscape below us, truffle hunting with a guide and his dog in Tuscany, parasailing in Turks & Caicos, walking in a crater on a live volcano, Mt. Etna and zip lining down the Vegas strip to name a few. My creative imagination becomes alive when I’m outdoors. I love taking pictures of flowers, landscapes, a single Fall colored leaf that’s fallen to the ground, dilapidated barns, dogs, lakes and rivers and whatever else that sparks my intrigue.

I’m a new granddoggy grandma to an Aussiedoodle and a Corgi so I’ll be sharing pictures of them too. I’ve never had dogs before but realize how much they enhance your life so I’m as crazy about them as I would be of grandchildren. It turns out that I now have more pictures of them around my house than I do of my own two beautiful daughters—ha ha!!! 🙂

My hope is that by reading my blog and viewing the pictures I post that you’ll feel transported to new and wonderful places. I also hope you’ll be inspired to find new and exciting adventures of your own whether their in your own backyard or across the ocean. I truly believe that we can find beauty all around us if we keep our eyes opened. Ready, set, GO!!!